1. Tell your friends & keep enjoying Grace's Cookies

You can buy our cookies from the following outlets:
   -  Organik shop and Dancenter (District 2)
Contact us directly to order:
   -  Batches of cookies (special orders welcome)
   -  Dough with cooking instructions for whenever you’re ready to bake a batch yourself

2. Hold a bake sale or serve Grace's Cookies at your event

With so many opportunities for morning teas, school functions, work events, gift giving – get your friends or community group together and sell these cookies! Here are some ideas from us:

    -  Staff gift packs
    -  Mother’s groups
    -  Morning teas and luncheons
    -  School bake-sales
    -  Gifts to visitors or clients
    -  Party giveaways
    -  Office events
    -  A movie night
    -  Halloween, Christmas, TET
    -  Dinner parties
    -  Sporting events

3. Become a volunteer

You can volunteer whatever time you have by helping us with baking, making deliveries, setting up bake sales, direct donations, or simply by spreading the word of Grace's Cookies! Please email us: getinvolved@gracescookies.org

"Congratulations", "Miss You", "Get well",
"Happy Birthday" or "I'm sorry", it all sounds
sweeter when you say it with our freshly
baked cookies.

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2010 - 2016 Heart Operations: Target

Target 100
Buy Cookies, Save lives!