How did we start?

In the spring of 2010, there was a request on An Phu Neighbours a community group in Vietnam for funds to help a young Vietnamese boy get a heart operation. In answering the call, the idea of Grace’s Cookies was born. Baked and sold by volunteers, these delicious home-baked cookies have become an avenue for raising money for charities in Vietnam.

The cookies are so good (just try one!) that as a result, the first bake sale raised enough money, through cookie sales, matching funds and donations, for not one, but six heart operations. You can’t ignore results like that. Priding themselves on their homemade, premium quality, Grace’s Cookies are so irresistible that the sale of Grace’s Cookies have continued to raise funds for Vietnamese people that desperately need it. Since we began in 2010 we have raised enough money to sponsor dozens of life-saving heart operations.

Volunteers bake and sell these cookies because they want to help in Vietnam. And you…well, you get to enjoy cookies you never imagined being able to find here. These melt in your mouth cookies will warm your heart, help Vietnamese people in need and create great moments with your friends and family.

Who Is Grace?

Margot, one of Grace's founders, recalls her fond memories of her aunt Grace, “my great aunt used to cook meals for my family and would send me delicious care packages to university. Her name, and her actions embody what I am trying to create with these cookies – goodness, joy and gifts to those who need it (as well as some seriously delicious cookies that remind me of home).”

Our hope for Grace’s

It is hoped that Grace’s will grow from its simple beginnings into a sustainable project, raising money for grass roots charitable actions in Vietnam. Profits will always be donated to Vietnamese organizations or persons.

Our dream

That you can enjoy these amazing cookies, and that as a result, others in Vietnam benefit! It’s just that simple.

"Congratulations", "Miss You", "Get well",
"Happy Birthday" or "I'm sorry", it all sounds
sweeter when you say it with our freshly
baked cookies.

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2010 - 2016 Heart Operations: Target

Target 100
Buy Cookies, Save lives!